So double feature tonight. Transformers Revenge of the Fallen and Year One. Must say that I did have a lot of laughs tonight. It was giraffes. Thanks SJFam.

Anyways in regards to Transformers 2 it was pretty good a lot of good fight scenes and pretty funny at parts. I wouldn’t know if I’d say it was as good as the first but it was pretty good 8/10 stars.

Year One, was well, stupid but stupid funny. Yeah first of all i’d give it a 7/10 for stupid funny comedy and now he is the succc if you know what part I’m talking about and its pretty much an inside joke but he is the succ. HAH

Anyways this week’s been full of fun and surprises. We had our finally long anticipated BBQ sjfam came in as I suspected. It cracked. Ice cream social turned into a beer cream social TWO nights in a row. HAHA. Oh man. No more for a while maybe Friday? Siiiike no more moneys for one. Maybe this time it will be a POOL party like we planned initially. Hit me.

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