Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Buahaha. It was fun for a while. Pretty cold actually because we were on the boardwalk, just like I was back in SF. WEIRD. Thought it would be hotter.

I drove there, hated how slow everyone was driving. Made it there in maybe 1 hour and a half, so it wasn’t too bad. We got there parked in some metered parking area and paid $10 for 8 hours. I was definitely amazed at it. When we got to the boardwalk we were able to get our wristbands and got our free BBQ. From there me and babe split away from my family and took the overhead gondola over the whole boardwalk which was sort of fun. Cold and stopped frequently. Rode some rides ate some ice cream. Got a big donut will post more pics later. Ended the day and ate at Tokyo Tempura. FUNNNN

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