pre-july 4th

Today was a good day, sort of. Woke up early to try and get to work but still wasn’t feeling too well so I went back to sleep. Woke up around 11-12 then found myself having some spaghetti again. Didn’t really matter It was still good. Had ice cream and watched Harry Potter with JR. Cooked some corn then went to ride a bit. First we rode to campus and met up with Greg. Tarcked for a while there, and then me and jr decided to go on a quick ride to valley fair. We pretty much alleycatted it… Headwind heading there on park/naglee then once we got there we were hella thirsty, it was sort of dry once we got there. After getting some vitamin water (XXX is pretty good acai-blueberry-promagranate) we waited almost 30-45min for kenneth to find us. Then we rushed back to campus and saw trisha and reggie. Me and jr raced back to the apartment to get lilian. Got some grub at Lee’s Sandwiches then headed over to the movies with sjfam. Fun stuff…

After the movie we went back to the apt, chilled tarcked for a while and noticed JR’s BB was loose so we fixed that. After that we watched WALL-E on blue ray, cooked even more spaghetti, and then watched Saw V. Yeah that’s why I’m still awake. Just finished watching SAW V is gna make me have some nightmares. Anyways thanks to Netflix always bringing in the good movies.
Bike tomorrw? Most likely.

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