Car Update 07/11

So today a lot of work was done to the car.

Since my dad was bored he was able to finish my front brakes (pads and rotors) and used a grinder to grind my rims a little so that they would fit on the hub easily. So when I got home I was able to start on the rear brakes (pads/rotors) however wasn’t able to do much. I had way to much trouble with the bearing and race, then had more trouble at kragen because they said they had the part in stock but didn’t. So I went back home and did the same thing I do with the crown race on a bike. Use a hammer and flat head screw driver. So I got that done. Then when I went in to put the pads the caliper wouldn’t give in. So it got too dark and gave up for now. I’ll start it up again bright and early tomorow. After I moved the car back in the garage I got to fixing the trunk door. It somehow broke and the housing for the release cracked. I replaced it and now my trunk is as good as new.

I will try to take some pictures tomrrow and get some more updates in..

So far the plans for the jetta goes as follows. Woo almost done…SIKE!!!!!!
1. fix jerking/odo fix
2. exhaust system (borla)/wheel spacers/fogs
3. window tints/ xm radio install
4. paint/bumper and sides blackening (kiwi shoe dye)
5. coilovers/strut bars
6. projector headlight (make)

2 thoughts on “Car Update 07/11

  1. “Saturday, June 13, 2009
    Another day in the life of..vDUB” -your blogspot

    it’s been a MONTH since you started on your car?! WOW. and it’s not done :-\

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