LA – Day One

So we left early this morning around 12am. Hoping to get to Magic Mountain first thing in the morning. Well we did, got to Valencia around 9am, and the park didn’t open till 10, so we ate breakfast at Jack in the Crack. Got to the park and we showed them our season pass and the guy thought we had the parking pass. Tricks doo. Anyways after we got in the parking for free we dropped off Evo at the dog kennels. Their dog kennels are free so if you plan on bringing your pet they have free kennels so that you don’t leave them in the car. Got in the park and suprisingly it wasn’t so hot. We did only stay until about 3. Going there early made us tired. But we still had fun.

Rides ridden:
Orient Express
Tatsu (FUN)
Roaring Rapids
Deja Vu (uhhh kina scary)
Jet Stream

Then we got tired. It’s ok season passes mean we can always go back there.
Six Flags

After we slept through traffic we got to the hotel and chilled for a while. My brother and cousin went swimming and then we finally went to Downtown Disney to look around and eat. We ate at ESPN zone, spent money playing the games, ate some good food, and went back to the hotel. Follow me on twitter, I might update throughout the day.

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