LA – d2-end of trip


So basically yesterday was a sort of sight seeing day. We had planned a little more, however we didn’t get to all that we planned. It did work in the end. So we started off at Target to get some hats, finally got a straw fedora that I have been looking for, too bad it wasn’t a goorin bros hat which I have discounts to. Oh well. Then we headed to Hollywood Blvd, took pictures and looked at all the stars. We took a lunch break and went to CPK. Good food as always. From there we visited Griffith’s Observatory, which was fun and very interesting because none of us have really been there before. Took a ton of pics and enjoyed the view. We did plan to go Melrose, Rodeo Drive (Beverly Hills), Venice Beach, and then back to the hotel to meet up with my cousins. That didn’t go too well so ended up just heading back to the hotel right after Griffith’s. And with the traffic the way it is here in LA, it was a pretty good choice, to go back. From the hotel we met up with my cousins and went to Gerry’s Grill here in Artesia, LA. Just like in the Philippines.


Was Universal Studios Day. Long and very tiring. Basically we tried to ride every single ride that we could. Doing the best we could though we failed. It was still a very fun experience. I just have to say that coming here at an older age is much more memorable then when I was younger. How else could I enjoy these things when I was younger, I wouldn’t have remember any of these special effects shows and all that other stuff. Anyways I’ll let all the pictures do the talking. I am tired. Miss SJ and my bike. Tomorrow going really early to Disneyland. Wooooo


UHH Yeah I got really lazy at updating this throughout the trip because everyday we got back around 11-12 and I was tired. So there are some pictures on my Flickr account which you may be able to see here on your left. If you are anywhere interested in seeing some of what I did in SOCAL. But no one really reads this so I gave up on updating. HAH Done.


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