Whale Wars

Ok. I really like watching whale wars. To me I can’t seem to figure out the reason why people would want to kill these whales. Maybe after Sea World last week got me thinking more about our earth and the animals that live here on earth with us. Some people just don’t take them into consideration until they are completely out of our lives.Whale Wars If you haven’t seen the show you must watch it. I will honestly tell you that I don’t watch it all the time but when I do watch it, it’s interesting. Did you know the US is one of the biggest consumers of whales? Yeah and in the show they are fighting off the Japanese. It just takes one of us to spread the word to other people to try and change things. So think about it, take a second, *ding* (ahahaha sorry, but seriously) take a second and realize what some people are doing and speak up.

Ending rant. woo.

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