one sunday morning..

So today is going to be the start of a whole new thing at work. Not so good in a way, Lilian doesn’t have to go to work with me anymore. So long story short, she quit. Did it before I did. The only reason why I haven’t quit yet is because I haven’t been able to find anything. She’s been looking now ever since she put her leave in, and has yet to get a response from one. I guess maybe she found a few, but some are still too far for her. I wish I could leave and find another job closer to SJ, but waiting for a while just to find one scares me. I’m now used to getting a check every two weeks, being able to support myself and buy things on my own (like shit for my bike, which I tend to splurge on once in a while) Crap. I don’t know. I already told them that this will be my last summer and summer is almost ending already. Another thing is that I have to drive myself to work, I get parking and all but my car is a piece of shit right now! I’ve gotten a lot of work done with the Jetta but it still has the sputtering issue which I have no money to fix or time. So I end up spending 15-35 minutes warming up the car before every use just so that it doesn’t sputter. And yet it still sputters from time to time, like this morning I warmed it up all the way like I usually do and then is sputters all the way up until 5 blocks away from work and then its fine all of a sudden. Geez I don’t have that much patience for that type of stuff. Like really. Whatever time to turn on the museum..

One thought on “one sunday morning..

  1. like the new layout. i forgot to tell you that i got free parking on my last day. basically, the guy at museum parc garage was on the phone and me and these two cars across from me hella just went down without paying. funny too cuz parking was 15$, i left the garage around 745, and i didnt pay shit :]

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