build stuff

the names jeff. my job is to build stuff. lately I’ve been building a lot of stuff for imd. For the past two weeks or so I’ve been busting my ass so I know that everything is done right to the best of my ability. And now the day has come and I hope that it will all pay off.

Basically Antenna Magazine will be doing a two page spread on Azuki and iMiNUSD AzukI-D. And basically my goal is to make sure its done right, safe, and aesthetically clean. Basically doing some of the things I did at zeum. So yes I enjoy everything I’ve been doing. I’ve just been spending a little too much time I guess. I get home late and tired, try to wake up early so I can go to sleep early the next night but wake up late get to work late and finish late. So basically you get the picture. It’s all good though cus I enjoy every bit of it. And well it’s all coming together. This whole remodel that Azuki and IMD went through wasn’t initially going to happen this month. However, because of this shoot we really wanted everything to look the way we want it to look. So basically something that could have been completed realistically in 2-3 months literally finished within 2 weeks. From basically holding 6 complete bikes to 15-20. Or holding 10 framesets to 30+; and carrying all the top brand components, tires, and bags. It’s all over the place.

So basically this is what I have done for IMD and Azuki
Last night I put the LED sign up. (Pic above)
ChromeDid this display for chrome bags and the next day I sort of changed it… >>>>
here I added the baskets to one side and also created the displays for handlebars and helmets oh and forks
Built some tracks for frames to hang on…
track frames
Basically built up this whole wall display from frames to tires, to even the posters
Created this crazy display of rims on the wall.. it kind of looks like a fish or really a dolphin only if you look hard enough haha
I keep getting some better tools to “build stuff” with. Finally a vice and a proper hack saw
temporary install until we get a workbench

So if you haven’t come into the store yet. Do come over it changes fast but hopefully not anymore for a while…

some photos credit to Mark and AM and a bunch from me

One thought on “build stuff

  1. so BASICALLY, you BASICALLY said BASICALLY, BASICALLY a jillion times in this blog. lol. sry. just had to let you knw.

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