rollers vs. wii exercise game??

Wii Biking

See the pack of Cyberbike, It is the Wii Exercise Bike game which comes with its very own, full-size exercise bike packed right in. The Cyberbike is developed by European publisher Bigben Interactive, and comes bundled with some sort of lame treehugger game, and you as a role of an eco-citizen, using your head and legs to clean up the planet. And the bike also works with Mario Kart Wii. The game will be released in Europe in January 2010, there is no pricing info now.

hmm… found this very interesting via LikeCool, it is a Wii Exercise Bike game. Would it be worth buying a full sized bike for the Wii or should I just use my rollers. I got to admit though it is really cool. I would get one if I really thought I would use it often, so that’s why I won’t.

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