rain, rain.. is here to stay

As much as I love the weather in San Jose now, I love the rain so much more. Being born and raised in SF/Daly City I got used to the fog and the wonders that fog brought during the fall and winter. During the late days of fall and all throughout winter the rain brought me joy. Joy that was of the holidays. Every day I see rain now it reminds me of my childhood, and the days it rained as the holidays approached. Halloween: through the recent years I was always the same old soldier. Yeah typical childhood costume, however my costume was above ordinary. All original equipment used by special forces. No I didn’t get it from an uncle or other relative in the military. I bought it. Just like any child I went through a phase; this phase was military and airsoft. It wasn’t the normal airsoft equipment that you purchased from your local Big-5 or SportsMart (now Sports Authority), all my gear was purchased mostly at Airsoft Extreme based in Santa Clara. Airsoft Extreme is run by ex-cops, ex-swat, and retired military soldiers who still want to get the thrill of combat. I was young so I wanted all the cool toys. Long story short, one year I went all out on airsoft spending tons of money on gear, when finally after a few more months my airsoft crew split up. From then on I never really wanted to get into airsoft again. So I relive those days on Halloween, dressing up as a soldier. Pretty lame I know because now I’m 19 turning 20 and halloween is starting to get old. Oh well.

Thanksgiving: Following halloween all our decorations changed. Kept some of the good pumpkins and all the ghosts and bats around my grandparents’ home changed to pilgrims and indians. All sorts of festivities happened at my grandparents’ home, and Thanksgiving was one. On thanksgiving night we all gathered there on the same table 20+ of us, and had dinner. Concluding dinner we would prep ourselves for the next activity the next morning. Black Friday. We would pull out all the sale ads and make sure we knew what we wanted before we went in and bought stuff. Planning out which stores to visit and which one goes first. After our plans were made we clean up and watch a movie. The weekend right after thanksgiving and black friday we wait for the rain to come that saturday. If the rain does come we then pack up and get ready to buy our fresh christmas tree. Many choose to get the fake trees, but in my family we love the smell of fresh christmas trees. We pick our trees throw it in the pickup truck and drop them off to all our homes. We then separate and do the decorations for christmas.

Christmas time: Whenever christmas shopping came up I always loved going. Even if it wasn’t shopping for me I loved going around and feeling the spirit of christmas in the malls and in the stores. Yeah some people were unhappy and stressed, but over all it was a good feeling.

Now I’m getting lazy typing this crap. But basically it rains through christmas, we spent new years together, and MY BIRTHDAY!!

If it is a good year it should rain a lot during winter time so that when we go to tahoe it snows like crazy. This is what really makes me happy about the rain. It’s always the thought of the holidays and snow. Thats IT SNOW. I LOVE THE SNOW and COLD weather. buahahaha let it rain.

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