“Fit” to be a king..

So it’s about the fourth week that I’ve had my car. It’s doing good, so far. Aside from my climbing milage it’s been serving me well. For starters the break in process is going by smoothly, almost about 2000 miles. I know it’s not fully broken in yet but I already see the changes in mpg overall.

When I first started driving the car I probably was getting average 30-33mpg highway. Not bad, because that was what its epa estimated. But I knew from all the stories that I could push it to the limit. Probably hit 40+. So with the new PRM intake installed…


and break in passing by I hit about 41.5 mpg highway back from SF to SJ. Perfect for me. Then after a few days driving around downtown San Jose, it sadly went down however expected to about 34-35 mpg. Still not disappointed. The final test will probably come this weekend, I will be (hopefully; money permitting) will be going down to socal for the weekend and visit Disneyland. So hopefully I will see how well it does on a long drive. Hoping to see some good numbers hopefully in the 40’s 40+ if I’m lucky.

All I have to figure out now is if I’m actually going to make this trip happen.
fit to be a king

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