rain or shine..

Today was sort of a gloomy day outside, but of course I enjoyed the weather being raised in SF. So I did the usual business, but after class Lilian and I decided to go to Valley Fair. Went to the Apple Store, saw Spiro, fell in love with the new iMac’s, was about to buy the new Magic Mouse when I remembered I had a crack on my iPhone. So I asked Spiro if it was covered on my Apple Care/Warranty. Since it was only a hairline crack, I was able to replace my iPhone for a new one. Sweet right? The only thing was that I didn’t remember if I had fully backed up my iPhone at home. Anyways I was about to leave the mall and I thought to myself why don’t I just get another incase for my phone since the only reason why it cracked was because I stopped using my incase. So I got a Matte Black Incase Slider for my phone and a new sort of matte/incognito screen protector.
It’s cool because it’s matte and not glossy; and when you look straight at it you don’t really notice anything is there.
iPhone: Incognito screen protector
BUT as you start to turn it sideways the images on the screen start to fade away. Pretty COOL. So basically I got a replacement and I got suckered into buying accessories. Damnit.

After the mall I went to the shop. Since its Thursday, there was a short Froyo ride to Willow Glen. To bad Lilian didn’t have her bike, so we ended up driving and meeting them there. After the ride and a quick stop over at 4th Street Pizza, I went back home to SF. I had to pick up gear for a gig I have this Saturday in SJ. On the way home Lilian wanted to go exploring. SO, after picking up the gear we went into downtown.

Surprisingly it was a beautiful night in SF, and it was so calm and nice that it was a perfect chance to take out the camera. So here is a few shots from our “adventure”:

Clear Night In SF
Clear Night In SF: Warp Speed
Clear Night In SF: Golden Gate Bridge

These are just a few of my favorites. More in my flickr photostream

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