Today was a different Sunday, one that I actually worked, something that I haven’t done in 2+ months. My previous job at zeum, in Yerba Buena Gardens (SF), I only worked Sundays. I eventually grew tired of that idea, especially because I missed all the important and fun events such as alleycats, photoshoots, and what not. So I finally quit, tired of commuting to San Francisco and missing out on part of my college life. After my last day, I was just helping out over at iMiNUSD and volunteered full time as an “intern”. Since then I decided that unless there is something that is going to crack I will dedicate Sunday’s to the family back home (since saturdays were GIG days). Funny thing is, there hasn’t been to many alleycats or other fun happenings on Sunday’s. They’ve been on Saturdays. FML. So I missed the big Halloween Alleycat, Ghoul Sprint, Mansion Party. Hopefully this 21st I will surely make the event.

flier jp via iMiNUSD

Stay tuned on the IMD blog or here to see what’s planned for this day. I don’t even know what’s happening yet!

Anyways back to this sunday, I worked at the shop. It felt different, it honestly felt like it was a really slow Monday to me since I haven’t worked on a Sunday in a long time. It was good.

After work I went back to the city to pick up my dog, and a HED3c for Mark. Of course I took it out and tried it. Why wouldn’t I? It looked soo nice.
Dual HED Ri-DE

I changed my desktop picture today. Pretty cool. Do Your Work
I usually get cool BG images like this and other interesting one from InterfaceLIFT I also get some photo ideas and inspiration from some of them.

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