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So this morning I woke up at home. Home, as in Daly City. I woke up with the feeling of alive. Yeah I don’t know either. It was more like I had gotten enough sleep that it felt so good.

Yesterday I tried out my PS3 Netflix disc. If you haven’t gotten yours get it!

I have the Roku player and from the looks of it the PS3 version looks a lot better. I am able to access the instant playlist I set online on my account as well as view any new releases, and search the different categories unlike the Roku. So it is a big plus. Downside is that right now you have to insert the disc to play a movie, which isn’t too bad but I would rather have it be an app downloaded into the PS3 instead of inserting a disc. But this will do for now. I will let you know later on, on how will it performs on wireless and on my ps3.

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