DIY on the cheaps

For some of you that have visited my place, you might have noticed I had a couple bike racks. Well here is a simple DIY with parts you can get at IKEA. Found this via Macaframa and via IkeaHacker/ApartmentTherapy

Building the rack works as follows:
1. Cut two pieces of the square pipe; choose the length depending on the design of your bike frame.
2. Drill 3 holes into the pieces of square pipes.
3. Screw a hook on each end of the pipe; screw the pipe to the bracket.
4. Now you can mount the stolmen post and adjust the two brackets on it.
5. Finally glue some of the rubber foam to the hooks to not scratch the bike frame.

Cost can go anywhere from $30-40. And install can go from 30min to and hour! GLUCK!!

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