It’s shinin’..

So yesterday polished up some Campy Record hubs for mark. And it came out nicely compared to how we got it. So now they’ll match perfectly to the high polished IMDs.

Here’s a peak at the IMD’s high polish. It’s amazing in person.

Campy Record Hubs and the Mother’s Polish. All you need to do is make sure the polish works with whatever you are trying to polish. Use a terry cloth to apply the polish, if it turns black then it can be polished. Continue applying the solution and then polish out with a clean terry/microfiber cloth. Works magic. Stay tuned for the complete build of the IMD to Campy Record hubs, I wonder what bike Mark will build them up to… (I already know, but I can’t say just yet)

Oh and check out the rain bike. LOL
Sometime’s I’ll rock the complete IMD wheelset and some risers but for now the HED3 will do until it gets super stormy.

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