ikea hacker?

Sort of.

Last night after I closed up shop, we all decided to go to Ikea. We made it in time before closing, and we got all the necessary parts for our Besta/Framsta Entertainment Center. Thing was a task for sure. We surely had something ahead of us when we saw that it would take a total of 25+boxes to build it. I thought it wouldn’t be that hard of a task, but I was wrong.

Might not look like a lot, but it was.
Here’s the beginning.
The amount of boxes we had, un-opened.

First test fit with the glass.

Some progress. We got the holes cut for the components and ran all the cables for them. All that was left was to put all the glass in, and securely set the TV on the stand. They actually ran out of the right TV mount, so we asked one of the Ikea employees and he said that there was another one we could use. So we got it. But when we went to install it, we couldn’t figure out how the hell to put it up on the slat/railing. So we made it work somehow with all the extra parts and toe clip bolts that I had and set it up, MAKE SHIFT! Hah here’s how it looks…
The next piece of the big “lego” set for adults was to secure the whole back to the wall. IT was funny because I was worried on drilling the last screw ‘cus it wouldn’t go in. But with my trusty impact drill we finally got it in. Hopefully there isn’t any leaks anywhere, thing was so tough that I got worried that we were drilling into a pipe or something.

And then at the end we couldn’t even put that last piece of glass up, since we already “hacked” this Ikea entertainment center, we continued on and forced the pieces of glass in there. Whatever right, the end  product looks badass.

Here’s the back of the TV.
First try putting up the TV, and it already looks sick.
Here’s some of the cables we rand in the back.

Here’s a view of the front with all the components and drawers.

And here’s the finished product. Pretty nice and clean. No wires = no clutter

And heres the END.
Yeah… it was a lot of trash, and it took 4-5 hours to finish(wiring took the longest). The one thing I don’t get is why they have to spend so much money on packaging and making every single piece separate. Our apartment turned into a trash dump. If we didn’t take all of them out to the dump we probably wouldn’t get to our bikes. Its crazy.

Here’s our SJ Sharks Christmas Tree topper we grabbed from Ikea.

7 thoughts on “ikea hacker?

  1. Hi guys. I was wondering how you were able to hide the cords behind the glass panels. Did you stick the cords between the glass framsta panels or behind the glass panels. How were you able to stick the cord from the tv from the front to the rear of the installation since you can’t cut through the glass? Did you notch the metal?

  2. Yeah I’d like to know how you were able hide the cables as well since you mounted the TV in the middle.

  3. Same here- Just setup the same deal and it looks like I’m going to have to cut the aluminum rails. Tempered glass can’t be cut so that’s about the only option I see. So how’d you do it?!?!? ;)~

  4. If you are installing the Framsta glass panels Ikea sells panels with holes in then. Look for Framsta panel filling w/ cord outlet 2 pack glass black Aisle: 4 Bin:27. item #: 801.843.64. there’s no way on earth that this glass panels can be cut.

  5. Dhollywood, thx for sharing. I’ve been staring at my (incomplete) assembly and been thinking about how to make hole in there…lol

    you saved me lot of time and $$ 🙂

  6. Hin there. Im am just building a besta/framsta wall like you but came across a problem. My glass panels don’t fit very close so when I touch the cabinet they make a lot of noise. Same with your construction or did I miss something?
    Thanks for every helpfull answer

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