Volume Cutter Track

Just recently a customer came in, and wanted a bike. He told us, “I want a bike that you guys would ride”, the only thing he asked for was that it be a Cutter because he was big and wanted it to support his size. He chose some components colors etc., and it came out to this.

For this build we put:

-Frame/Fork: Volume Cutter Raw 56cm/Leader S805 Carbon Steel Fork

-Cranks: IMD id144 Black/IMD 46t Silver/KMC Gold Chain

-Pedal Set: MKS Sylvan/Toshi Doubles/Starfuckers Clips

-Bars/Stem: Nitto NJS drops/Summit Gold Bar Tape/Frisco Raw Stem

-Seatpost/Saddle: Thomson Elite Black/Brooks B72 Saddle

-Wheelset: IMD Wheelset/EAI 17t/Specialized Silent Single Speed

I really like the gold accents. The chain and handle bar tape are not to flashy, something I would put on my bike. The “goldfinger” brake lever is also a nice touch. It blends in with the rest of the bike.

This was a fun build. It honestly is something different, every tarcker that comes in and sees this bike always asks “why??”. For someone of a bigger stature the Volume Cutter track frame is perfect. Why? Because it is definitely designed to take a beating. It is very clean cut, and well it comes with a lifetime warranty. So if you somehow break it they’ll cover it. It’s good because they stand behind there products. When he picks up his bike from us, he will be very satisfied.

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