rig ideas..

So I was reading on Vincent Laforet‘s Blog, and found a few good rigs that I might be able to replicate.

This is theU-Boat Commander. It is a very simple design that you could probably do with a bunch of parts from Home Depot or OSH.

This would be the follow focus and viewfinder attachment on a 5d mark 2. As far as the follow focus goes, it is completely adjustable to fit an arrangement of lenses and there is no added ring that needs to be attached to the lens itself. And from what it seems, it is a skateboard wheel.

This one is a dream come true. Not so much for my wallet, but everything on this bad boy is legit. If you look closely to the follow focus unit, there is an added ring on the lens(in blue). That is one of the major differences between the RedRockMicro and the IDC U-Boat.

This is another view of the IDC follow focus and Viewfinder, and how it mounts on the camera.

As far as pricing goes and if I could afford it, I would choose the IDC its easier on the wallet compared to the high priced RedRock Micro set-up. I probably won’t go with the viewfinder, but I will attach an external screen. Once I get started on this project after the holidays I’ll post and blog my progress.

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