life with sean..

Having sean as a friend has its downsides. After hanging out with sean for the past 3 or so days I spent all my christmas money……… on FOOD. I swear all he thinks about is food, and the places we go for food, well, you just can’t resist.

Sunday: Watched Sherlock Holmes.. (GREAT MOVIE/sort of a mystery, but its action packed and pretty funny) After ate at lucky chances… mmm tapsilog

Yesterday: We went on an adventure. Hit up Japantown, SF for Fatlace and bought Calpico.. went to Barney’s NY in DT to exchange my APC’s for new standards wanted to buy cashmere Naked and Famous, but didn’t have my size.

Today: Worked on a few bikes at the shop, Sean and Renee arrived. Left to pick up Lilian, picked up some left over stuff at our old apartment, and bought some muchos.

Order some Green Tea Kit Kat for Anna to give to Mark for Christmas. We thought it would be at the office but when I randomly checked the mail this evening it was in our mailbox. So gave it to mark, he was all excited and we tried some. Time to order more…

All photos provided by Sean, SirapCirockSF.

I’m in the process of uploading my pics too so stay tuned. Btw this entry was lazy, short, and sweet.

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