Live like a kid

Yesterday, after putting a few hours in at the shop, we closed up and went to Valley Fair. Mark and Anna were in search of a pillow, becuase apparently that’s the reason why he has a stiff neck. Instead of just a pillow mark found his relaxation in a brookstone massager. But the real story, as the mall was closing we chose to make our last visit at the Lego store. We spent a good 15minutes after closing playing and looking at all the cool legos. Now as a kid one would get toys for doing good deeds or getting good grades. For Mark he would get a new Lego set for every 100%. So for the year of 2009 he did a 100% in sales so he got himself a space police Lego set. We wanted the bigger better toys but. They were out of stock with the big boy toys (20+) priced at $300+. With that said he got the space police set that transforms into 5 more toys for $100. Anna was surprised, and all mark said was “I deserve it!! It’s soo cool!”.

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