Sjfam tahoe begins..

So today we leave for tahoe with a few of sjfam. Its funny because I am typing this in the car and we have yet to leave sj.

So around 7 or so Darin and Andoo picked me up at the shop. The original plan was for all of us to meet at the shop. But knowing everyone it was delayed. With the minor delays solved we decided to get some gas for the h3 (darin’s). He told us that he was out of gas. But we didn’t know that it was completely out of gas. On Empire and 7th the H3 finally dies. We push it to the curb and park it. Darin and Andoo leave for the gas station as I sit here blogging in the car. So they get to Rotten Robbies and they don’t have any emergency cans. They call up Ryan, who has a can at home. So now I await the arrival of the groups to fill this baby up.

This is only the beginning and we gave already come upon a story tell and have yet to make the actual journey.

Keep posted as I will update as much as possible.


Sales tax in vacaville is LOW

On our way to northsar
View of the lake…sort of
Aww man we saw a car flipped over on the side of the road. It was really bad..
Arriving at Northstar.

Beautiful views from the top of the mountain.

Looking down the backside with Darin about to kill the black diamonds.. well they killed us cus it was soooo icy.. [so iccccyyyyy, so iccyy]
It’s a little hard to tell, but that is a pillow of cloud floating above Tahoe.
Hey that’s Matt, that’s my friend!

He wanted all the attention.
And that’s his friend…Linda

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