weekend re-cap..

This weekend was kind of hectic. Friday ended with bowling with SJFam. Did 3 games and was fun as it could ever be. First game was sort of a warm up, second game killed it a bit, but the third game we all were too tired and too sore. After we did that ended up going back to the apt, and then gave sean a ride back to SF. Sucked cus I really didn’t want to go back anymore. Ended up waking late Saturday and found out that Lilian and I had to drive back because she had work. SUCCCC. Today, we did some work at the shop with the POS system, can’t wait till it’s finally working.

Tomorrow gotta wake up early to head back to SF, to watch the warriors game with my brother, probably come back to San Jose to work, then Tuesday head back again for a dentist appointment. This week will be a hectic yet rewarding week. Happy monday.

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