Long mondays…

Today was a very long, yet productive/fun monday. Haven’t had a Monday like this in quite some time now. Right now as we speak, I am back home in Daly City, where amazingly it is not rainy. However when I left San Jose this morning it was storming. It is the shift in the weather but I find it funny that the time I leave SJ, I go home to good weather.

After arriving to Daly City I then departed for the Oracle Arena to watch The Warriors play the Bulls. Great game!

After the game we got stuck in traffic for a couple hours, which really sucked. Forgot it was Monday and didn’t go through the carpool lane. Succ, so I used my fastpass for $4. Hella forgot.

When I got home I did some cleaning and then picked up Lilian to watch Youth in Revolt.

It was interestingly funny. Would I watch it again? Probably not. After the movies we went to Starbucks and talked for a bit, and I got a red velvet cupcake which was delicious, and just perfect.

Oh and I got a check over the weekend and this read in the memo: “FOR: a good time =]” LOL thanks anonymous.

Now time to sleep to wake up early for a dentist appointment.

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