back to the bay…

“take me to LA.. take me to LA.. back to bay.. back to the bay..” -the grouch

Now I have made it back to the bay. Still had to fight the rain and storms, but no traffic. Usually, while driving through LA one usually ends up in traffic for hours. Not this time. I guess because of the bad weather we’ve been having it caused people to stay indoors and not be driving out in the rain. Well not for me; growing up in Daly City I got used to driving in bad weather (since the weather is always bad in Daly City).

However the bad weather also had its cons; I-5 was closed through the Angeles National forest/Grapvine/ to Bakersfield. And from previous trips, 101 isn’t the best way to drive through at night. So we decided  to wait it out, and hope that it would eventually clear up. So while waiting we had our lunch at the ESPN zone at Downtown Disney. If you haven’t gone there yet, then you are missing out. Also one of the benefits of being an Annual Pass holder, members get discounts to the major restaurants and shops in the Downtown Disney District, as well as many restaurants and all the shops in Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure.

Downtown Disney District in Anaheim

We somehow matched this whole trip without planning it.

Espn Zone…

What channel would you like?

For those who have yet to go.. they have TVs everywhere…

especially here… lol

Yup it was pouring.

Yeah, they’re just chilling there under the info booth.

So we had a very fulfilling lunch, and enjoyed watching the big screens, as well as our very own screen on our table. After lunch we were about to leave when the weather actually got worst. People we standing under informations booths waiting for the rain to stop. Worst part of it all, I didn’t want to wait so I ran to the car. I ended up getting myself drenched, needing a new pair of pants and shoes. So we went to Target, the power was out, and people were driving crazy through the intersections (me almost getting hit by a driver speeding through). At target I was able to get a pair of wind breakers hoping that they would be waterproof, but couldn’t find a decent pair of shoes or rain boots. After constantly checking the I-5 reports we still had to kill a lot of time. Drove around the Anaheim area, and once the weather cleared so nice that the sun was actually out we decided to make another trip to Disneyland. Thought they were closing earlier we thought we could get some rides in for the heck of it. Eventually after the park closed I checked the I-5 report one last time, before actually considering on taking 101N, and was relieved that it reopened. So we got back into the car and started our 6+ hour drive. But once we left the park it started storming again! Getting worst as we traveled north that the flow of traffic on the I-5 was at 35mph with no traffic.

Finally making it through Valencia, the weather finally calmed down again. Once we hit the Tejon pass it was all snow. The roads were still slightly iced over, and I really didn’t know if my little 2wheel drive Fit could make it up the hill. And to make situations a little worst I exited to go check out the snow. Since I do love the snow and all, also since Lilian had yet to see snow for the new year. So we had our little photo opportunities and then continued back to SJ. The drive back wasn’t bad at all on I-5, no high wind or crazy rain so it went by quick and easy.

So overall the trip was fun and a great experience. Something different since I had never gone to LA or Disneyland in the winter time. However I did fail and missed out on Winter Wonderland. Guess there’s always next year.

Enjoy the pics…

journey begins


gas station was closed.. and those people were trying to fill up

a little cold?

gas is cheap there

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