Ready to ride..

After a long time of waiting, since I got my car, I finally got the clips and time to put my bike rack on my car. I sort of like how it looks, except that it sits a little too far back. BUt from following the directions that’s where its supposed to sit. To complete my bike rack all I need is another tray and the wheel forks. Maybe in the future a basket for the roof also (but thats a long shot).

On another note check out my set of IMD lights that I’ve managed to keep for so long (the red one that is). With lighters, it’s very easy to lose them. So I’m proud that I still have that red one. I also got a new coke glass. I;ve had one before but it broke, so I finally found another one to replace it.

Tomorrow I’ll be heading back to Sj, cus i’m in Daly City right now so gnite.

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