image via Apple

First of all, good job Apple. However I don’t think it was the best job possible. iPad is cool, but seriously it’s a giant iPod Touch with 3g/Kindle. With the iPad you pretty much can do anything that an iPhone can except make calls. Sure you get to look at a 9.7″ screen aside to a 3″+ screen, but I would rather have a Macbook Pro with a Touchscreen. To me that seems more usable than an iPad. Most apple users already have either an iPhone and/or iPod Touch. What’s one more product that can’t do the full features of a computer?

To me, a Macbook pro with a touchscreen :

images via Gizmodo

now this has been out for a while, but to send in your laptop to have them install a touchscreen for $1000+ isn’t ideal. But for Apple to come out with something in this matter, would be respected by a larger audience (I believe).

Just my $0.02. Even though the consumerist in me tells me that I want the iPad, I’m not so crazy about it.

Though I think like many of the Apple Apps, this product might be ideal for stores or boutiques like IMD to produce and application that leads a virtual terminal for products and custom jobs (i.e. custom bike builds). If there was an app that we could somehow use to virtually create a bike piece by piece, component by component, then I would seriously consider purchasing the iPad.

Still, good job Apple with another amazing product, just not mind blowing for me.

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