long sleepless nights…

What’s with it? Tonight I can’t seem to stay asleep. Is there just too much on my mind right now? Or is it the fact that my knee is killing me (softly). Whatever it is, it needs to go away now. Internet won’t put me into boredom that I will eventually put me to sleep, though it usually works, tonight it fails.

I hate it cus’ when the morning comes, I get a little cranky.. cus I didn’t get enough sleep the night before. But then at that point, who’s fault is it now? Mine of course. Maybe its the amount of stress that I’m in that is finally getting to me. Regardless of what it is, I need to get some rest, so maybe some mw2 will be the cure. If I play long enough my brain will start to hurt and then my body will force myself to go to sleep.

Yes, that’s the plan and hopefully it will only take one game to fall asleep.

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