transportable slider/dolly

Here is another idea that I’m thinking of doing. It’s more of a portable slider for my camera. Searched the web and found these..

Now the ones shown above could be found for under $200 online. But if you wanted to do a DIY you could search the “zaza slider”. You basically order all the parts you need from Igus Though it’ll cost you about $160 for the parts. So almost the same as purchasing the one above.

Here’s another one known as the Indislider.

Only if I knew cad a little more, and had all the machining tools to make something like this, yet I’d make all my camera rigging gear if I had access to any of those. So I’ll be left with the DIY’s and home depot. Oh well.

For those of you looking for these types of slider or anyother info for dslr video recording. Hit up Cinema5D

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