That’s right. WnBP [Wednesday Night Bike Polo], we meet every Wednesday at 7pm on SJSU campus at “Quantum”, so if you’ve been to our Quantum Trick Comp then you’ll know where it is. But its pretty hard to miss 10 people playing polo on bikes.

Anyways yesterday was a fulfilled of everything bike polo. We were making a bike polo bike from old parts we had laying around, and then we made our iDmallet. If the demand for the mallet gets high, I might just have to start selling them at the shop. We’ll see lol. Well heres some of the pics I managed to take.

Globe IMD Bike

Rear Disc | v1.0

The Mallet | Old ski poles and 1.5″ Abs plastic tubing

The finished products | Mallets and iMD Globe Volume Confused Polo Bike


We recently got our compressor so we set that up and played with it. | 155 psi succ

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