So this week at the shop its been sort of slow. Didn’t build too many bikes this week, but built a ton of stuff for the back work area. Tonight we completed the whole back area. Mark, John, and I have been putting a ton of hours into it and its been completely worth it.

First off John and I went to Home Depot to pick up some supplies for the shelves that failed on us. They were done wrong from the beginning and there wasn’t much time from when they fell on top of me until now to fix them. We took all of them down and remounted them. We made sure everything was right, and to test it I stood on top of the shelves. Legit. The toggle anchors we bought were rated at 100lbs per bolt, so 3 bolts per bracket would be more or less ~300lbs. On top of that I added a few more brackets and evenly spaced them out so that they will never fall on me again. Five brackets with 3 bolts each, yeah I think that’ll work. The story behind the shelves falling, if you don’t already know, was two shelves on top of each other with too much weight a PLASTIC anchor could hold went tumbling down on top of me. On those shelves were a couple 5gal buckets of paint, a handful of 1gal buckets of paint, and whole bunch of random stuff. The paint alone was a bad idea to put on a shelf hanging 15-20 feet in the air. Luckily I wasn’t hurt, but it was a really bad experience. Thankfully now, I chose to re-do all the shelving with proper hardware, and I make sure we’re not putting too much onto the shelves.

Anyways, we cleaned up shop, organized everything, and threw away a bunch of nonsense. The work area is now clean and more accessible for when we get shipment and to just move around. There are a few more things that need to be done, but the majority of the work is done and has changed the ways things are in the shop.

Thanks John and Mark!!

On another note, my stem is fixed. Dan came over last night and told me that he could fix it. And after going at it for the past 3 days I was down for whatever anyone had in mind to fix. Dan came in and 2minutes later he got it out, amazing, John and I were going at it for 3 days straight and couldn’t get anywhere close. So now the bike is done, clean, and fun to ride. I missed it the past few days and can’t wait to ride it in the morning.

Thanks Dan!

and John for trying.

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