confused much?

Yeah, the weather reports have been false lately. It was said to rain the whole week however the past two days it has been sunnier then ever. Hopefully it stays this way for a few more days so that I can go out and ride some more. I’ve been feeling tired and sore lazy, and I think a good ride would help push the pain away and wake me up a bit.

Although I only ride a few short miles everyday to school and work. I would love to get in a much longer ride. I’ve been dealing with a lot of stress lately and to let off some steam on the road is much needed. I’m getting out of shape and I don’t like it. I’ve already started somewhat of a diet, by limiting my calorie intake per meal and limiting the amount of carbs. By doing this I hope to shrink my stomach and to increase my metabolism. As soon as my eating schedule stops fluctuating and I get used to this new diet I hope I will be able to get some rides in.

Soon enough, hopefully when the weather is consistent and clear out.

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