I was just looking back at my pictures and noticed the different bikes I’ve had and still have, but have made changes to. Damn my bikes have changed.

When I got my first bike, and how I got it. Funny looking back at it.

Then aerospoke, mks sylvan tracks, soma doubles, some late risers, shorter stem, tt pad. [noob i know]

Then I picked up the Leader 725tr, swapped some parts over and put a 26″ in front.

Ended up changing the fork, was able to barspin 700c.

Swapped parts around… new fork of course.

Picked up my HED3 and iMD’s. I eventually sold the Leader

Bought the starfuckers and still have it… Omniums, iMD’s, Thomson.

Bought my cutter…iMD’s, Thomson seatpost/stem, iDStraps [eventually sold it.]

And finally got the Scissor….

then made it left hand drive

waited for some trickster bars and new thomson stem

And the bike I will never let go of…
Omniums finally made it’s way to this bike. Thomson everything 90mm Elite stem/seatpost, Turbo saddle, clipless pedals (not shown)

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