iMDs Effort to go Green

With trying to get people on bikes, we send out an image to ride go out and ride a bike to save the earth. However on the backside of things the amount of money and materials it takes to ship these bikes, sort of balances out how they aren’t so green. With all the packing materials used to protect the bike inside as well as the amount of cardboard used it produces a lot of trash and some of the packing materials just end up in a landfill somewhere. At iMD we get shipment for bike parts every week, and in those shipments we usually get a couple bikes and rims. Bike boxes are huge and take up a lot of space, as well as a lot of good cardboard.

Above is a few boxes from shipment of our iD42 Wheelsets. Now instead of putting these boxes in the recycle bin, another way to be green is to reuse. [Reduce, recycle, and reuse.] This week, we have to ship out a bunch of GOrilla FGFS forks, and we didn’t have a specific box for the forks, so we had to make some.

So first things first, I took some dimensions down so that I could use the least amount of material for each box and made it precise so that we could also cut down on the shipping cost.

Next step was to cut the boxes evenly and then to draw out the dimensions I needed. Also by using a box cutter and a T square I cut the boxes down to size.

I then drew out the tabs that needed to be folded up to hold the box together and to give its shape.

After drawing the lines you then need to cut them down. And then perforate the longer line so that its easier to fold up.

You would need to make the same perforations for the length of the box.

After all the perforations are done, fold up one side and tape it down like so.

Complete the base of the box.

See. It fits.

And then you just tape it up like a regular box.

Now it is ready to ship!


Reduce. Recycle. Reuse. AND GO RIDE A BIKE!!

6 thoughts on “iMDs Effort to go Green

    1. Yes that is true. But we used one big bike box to make 4 small fork boxes.

      Instead of ordering boxes specific for those fork we re-used the boxes we already had and gave them one last shipment before they hit the recycle bin.

  1. Really? Cool guy. I don’t think you need that much thinking in doing it. Just cut and tape. No need to draw it out and measure doo. HAHAHAHAAA

    JK. Good shit. I already miss working there. 😦

    1. Well the point of making exact measurements is to save on shipping costs. So I made the box as small as it could possibly be with whatever is inside, in this case a fork. The smaller the box is the cheaper it is to ship.


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