G3 daPi

So I have not been able to blog in a while and I have a bit of catching up to do. But for now we will keep it simple. Last week I posted about how something was to be delivered by Friday. That package did arrive and on time too.

Well the:
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Yes, I did get the iPad, and as a matter of fact I got the iPad 3G in the 16gb. Yes not so much space, but in order for me to afford the 3G i thought I might as well get the 16. Since I will not put too much music or movies on it.

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I am actually using it as we speak to type up this blog post. My thoughts on it thus far is that it’s pretty awesome. The keyboard in landscape mode is perfect. It is sized up exactly like the wireless keyboard from apple, spacing and all. The only difference is that there is different modes for numbers and punctuation marks. But if you have or have had an iPhone you would be pretty familiar with it. I can type like I do on a laptop or desktop and not have to search for letters and just type like I normally would, which is nice.

The screen size is decent. I currently own a net book and I think that the clarity and resolution of my iPad beats it in a heartbeat. Zooming in on iPad is a lot easier then it was on my net book. On top of that, it is actually legible and easy to read when you zoom in. Not like most computers where it gets all pixelated.

The overall design is amazing. It is light, compact, fast, and has a long battery life. The 3G option is convenient for going on road trips or vacations where I may not have access to any wifi connections. (which is why i chose to get the 3G model) The only problem so far that I have noticed is the lack of multi-tasking, which so happens to be in the works already with the apple iPhone and iPad os4.0 coming out in summer for the iPhone(3GS for multi tasking) and fall for the iPad. I will survive for now without it. Another downside is that there is not too many apps available yet for the iPad. Though you can still use iPhone apps the video quality is not as great since it has to be magnified. But there are apps coming out everyday so in no time there will be tons of apps for the iPad.

One app that I do love is an app from Zagg, called photo pad.
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It is great because you can edit, crop, and rotate your images that you save. And for me, the screenshots that I have taken with my iPad. Once I was done editing my pics I then selected all of them in my photo library and emailed it to my flickr account. However at tine moment I did forget that I do have a wordpress app where you can edit, post, and upload images from.

So that’s it. It has come in, and thus far I have had a lot of fun with it. Aside from all the work I have been able to also do, I haven’t actually used my laptop since. The iPad is a great tool, and if you have yet to try one I suggest you get to the apple store and try one out for yourself.

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