CheesyCam: Video DSLR DIYs

Eric Y., a friend of mine, mentioned this blog to me. He said that he had done a few video gigs with him and also mentioned that he had a lot of good DIYs. Aside from some of the great DIYs that he has done, he also finds a lot of equipment for the aspiring videographer (VDSLR) and photographer. He lists a lot of gear he finds on eBay, purchases them and gives out little reviews. And for the most part, a lot of the products he purchases work out very well. Check the site out and you might find something you have been looking for. I know I did.

Because of this site, I will now finish up my ideas and drawings for my DSLR rigs/cages, as well as a linear slider. Cheesy Cam is a very helpful and useful site.

In the future I will be posting more of what I create for shooting.

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