So like I’ve posted before GoBoda bags seem pretty cool, and what made it even cooler was this deal. Now last week it was supposed to go up until the 17th. I made my order and it came in today. Two and a half business days. Pretty good if you ask me. Now they have extended their sale until supplies last, so if you missed out on it go for it! I was not able to bring both bags home today since I rode to work, but I did get a snapshot of them both before I took it home.

Now, they have extended it for the purpose that they are bringing out a v3 Junior boda bag, but heck the jr you get for free is still pretty good. Looking them over they really are built well, practical for an active photographer, and comfortable. With my v3 Boda I ordered the v3 waist system which is fully adjustable and also practical and comfortable. Now I did try them on with very little weight added so give me a few weeks to do a full test and review on them.

But if you are a photographer or VDSLR videographer, and have an array of lenses hop on this deal so that if you have an event you can use the big v3 boda bag to carry everything possible (3-5 PRO lenses) and small family parties have the boda junior. Or sell one to a friend, but do what you wish I recommend doing this deal. Heck if you end up not liking it sell both and make money.

GoBoda GO FOR IT!!!

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