What’s up Dog?

Since I have been here in the Philippines I have seen a lot of dogs that have been abused and neglected. Society here make it a standard to have a guard dog, but to not take care of them. The majority of the dogs here are skinny to the point where you see their bones, injured where they have a limp trying to run away from you fast moving car, or dirty and bloody. Before I was a dog lover/owner I never realized the numerous amount of animals here in the Philippines that are abused and neglected. The fact that this is a third world country and many people here are in poverty and yet have the need to own a dog and not care for them is disturbing. I am glad I will be going home to my two babies Evo and JJ, and they for sure will be loved by me when I get home.

It is sad seeing and hearing dogs whining because they got run over. Having to struggle to get up so they won’t get hit again. Many owners will honk at the dog but will not wait till they are out of the way to proceed into their garages. It is sad.

Love your dog as if it is your child because I do. Don’t own a dog to prove your status in society but because you want to love and care for one. Pray for all the animals and even those people who are struggling in the world today.

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