VDSLR Viewfinders

First off, I am back, at least my body is, because my mind and internal clock is still in the Philippines. However I did get a couple LCD Viewfinders in while I was gone. So instead of wasting anymore time I had to do a quick initial review on the items. [excuse the mess in my room, i’m still unpacking]

First one is the Meike, MK-VF100, at first glance it is an exact image of the LCDVF. Now there have been statements coming from LCDVF that this is just an imitation and that it is nowhere near original quality of the LCDVF. But I must say, if they are made in china, well anyone can get their hands on it and sell it. So whether you think its not the same product as the LCDVF it works just fine.

The packaging was nice and seemed to be the same as the LCDVF. Even the pictures on the box are stock pictures from LCDVF’s website.

So if you ask me, the Meike and the LCDVF seem to be a similar match. If any part of it is different it may not make that much of a difference. Honestly since I couldn’t tell the difference between the two, the one I would choose is the Meike for $69 shipped. [LCDVF is around $180 + S/H]

For more information on where to buy these while in stock check out CheesyCam.

Another LCD-VF I ordered was a little more expensive but with a larger eye cup. The Capa VF. First impressions was that the viewfinder was nicely manufactured, with felt on the inside unlike the LCDVF or MEIKE, lighter, and the view cup was much larger.

Hard to see but here is the felt.

Now neither of the magnets are permanently installed onto the camera yet, so I haven’t fully tested the strength of the two. However I did notice that the Meike’s magnet is stronger and does not come off as easily as the Capa does. Until my removable glass screen protectors come in I will not be able to do a complete full review.

These though will be coming in handy once the arrive.

You can find these screen protectors on eBay by searching GGS III Glass LCD Screen Protector.

4 thoughts on “VDSLR Viewfinders

  1. Hi Jeff, I’m looking for a viewfinder and was curious about your thoughts on the Meike vs the Capa. Now that you’ve had it for a few weeks, is there a winner? Please give some pros and cons of both. Thanks!!

    1. I’ve currently chosen to use the Meike more and more. One because it looks a lot better with my camera, [red rings matching], but also feels just as good as the LCDVF.

      The only thing with the Capa version is that I occasionally wear my glasses and the big cup gets in the way.

      I’d go with either one, I still have both to use but I will say I choose the Meike more often. Hope that helps!

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