Just updated my videos page, but if you haven’t checked out any of my lastest work, well here it is. Not the best of what I could do but I have been very busy lately so this is going to be the best your going to get until I get my new desktop.

RiDE 1 Trick Comp

Music: Kanye West “Gorgeous”

California Love | Schmitt and Wonka in Town

Music: Tupac “California Love”

Anniversary Trick Comp

Music: Girl Talk “Oh No”

RiDE | 1 Year Anniversary 24Hour Scalleycat and Trick Comp
iMiNUSD Fixed Gear Boutique

-Canon 5d Mark II
-24-105 f/4 IS L
-16-40 f/4 L
-24 f/2.8
-50 f/1.8

Edited with Adobe Premiere
Edited, Filmed, and Produced by Myself, Jeff Pepito
Music: Band of Skulls “Light of the Morning”

All edited and filmed by myself. All done on Premiere CS5. Enjoy.
Special thanks goes to CheesyCam and iMiNUSD

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