HDMI Splitter

Since my projector is set up is behind my couch I have all my entertainment systems in front where the TV normally sits. And I didn’t want to move everything closer to the projector only because sometimes the projector won’t be used on the day to day basis; just for movie nights and special occasions. So what I did, instead of getting a home theatre surround sound system, I purchased a few things that made things a lot easier.

First we have the HDMI Cable 50′.
Click here
Now you might be thinking why would anyone need 50′? Well if you are like me and always worried about cables showing and wanting everything hidden well then your going to need the extra feet to play with. Now my living room is only 14’x11′ so I shouldn’t need that much cable. However I did use up the majority of the cable with maybe 6+ feet to spare. My first impression of the cable was wow. I paid $30 for a 50′ hdmi cable that in other stores listed for $150-200 for the same exact unbranded cable. The cable itself was very thick and looked very well made. Now I have purchased a few cheap HDMI’s from amazon before and this one would have to be one of the best ones I have gotten. And the image looks great, I would say it looks just as clear as the cables I have bought from Best Buy.

Next I ordered an HDMI Splitter
Click Here
Now for $25 this powered HDMI 1 to 2 splitter works just fine for my application. I wanted to get a powered one only because of the length of cable I am using to get to the projector. It came in some nice packaging and the build quality of the box was made out of metal, when the image online looks like it was made of plastic, so two thumbs up there. But so far with the two pieces of the puzzle solved it is looking very promising.

I did order a few more things that I wanted to test out, a HDMI switcher with remote and some right angle adapters you can find online. Now those two are still on the way so once those are in I will make a full complete review of everything.

Also if you are interested in the screen I have, I purchased it at Ikea for $2 now the rolling shade itself is usually $50 but I got lucky found it in the AS IS DEPARTMENT at my local Ikea (where I also got my cool entertainment center for $60). So if your on a budget and don’t want to spend $100-200 on a manual projector screen Ikea has these rolling shades for about $50.


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