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Ever thought of getting a projector for your home entertainment system? Well there are a lot of projectors out there that are really good. Like Vivetek. Decently priced projectors with HDMI ports and 3D ready. I recently picked up the Vivitek D511. A perfect little set up for Roughly $500. Not bad because if you were to have any problems with it, well then replace it. Not bad really. My initial thought on the projector were great, the image is crisp and with my PS3 connected I get 1080p connection. Now the projector is 720p native which isn’t bad at all. And in my place with a throw from 10ft away it is pretty big picture. Now if you are on a budget and looking for something definitely worth you money at the same time, well looks like you found your match because this bad boy is definitely worth every penny. Its small and compact and comes with a lot of good features, you can set it up for rear projection and all the other configurations, 3D and closed caption ready.

Super lightweight, 2600 lumens (super bright), 720p resolution, 3d ready, HDMI port, crisp pictures, <$600. What more do you need to know? If you interested in there other more expensive products I would say they are definitely worth the money without spending the extra bucks compared to the name brand projectors out there.Vivitek 1080p

click here for more info

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