Yesterday’s Mail Bag

So yesterday I received the last of the items I need for my Entertainment setup. Now you may be asking why I am choosing to go with this route instead of a Home Theater set up. Well to begin with I already had a 2.1 JBL Sound system that I very much love already and honestly living in this duplex with someone upstairs I always seem to find the thing off (after all their complaining that it is too loud) So I am usualy left to using the sound from the TV or just turning off the base from the JBL Speakers. Now if I had a 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround sound system, well it would get barely used to its full potential. So I chose this route, plus I did not want to spend $150 and up for something that was not going to get fully used. However if you do live in a home and don’t have any neighbors upstairs well go for one of the Home Theater systems because it is definitely worth the extra money.

Anyways back to what I got in my mailbag, I received the HDMI Switcher, HDMI Cables, and and right angle adapter.

So now if you are looking into doing this also, well go for it! After trying everything together the quality of the images are amazing and I have not noticed any loss of quality. The build quality of the Switcher is plastic and all but it seems to be working very well. I turned on my PS3 and it immediately switched to the next input. Something I like about it. Also it is very small and compact so you could place it anywhere in your home entertainment center, and because it has an IR receiver you can use the little remote it comes with to switch through the inputs. Now the one I got was a 3×1 port but there is also many other HDMI Switchers out there, just look for the high quality ones.

Now for the HDMI Cables, well they are just HDMI cables. I have found that they are exactly identical to the cable I purchased from Best Buy, but labeled Dynex on it. Now why would you pay $30 for a cable that is $3 online which is pretty much identical. Take my word for it, it is definitely worth a try if your skeptical, I mean its only $3!! And now for the HDMI Right Angle Male to Female Adapter. Now I got it only to see how well it worked and well now I have left it connected to my HDMI cable. The little guy is perfect for those tight corners and if you want to clean up the mess behind the TV or in my case the projector. And like the rest of the items I got from Amazon, there is no loss in quality. So give it a try, I definitely did and have no regrets.

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