Eibach Sportlines on a GE8 Honda Fit

Eibach 4.8140 Sportline Kit for the Honda Fit ge8 (2009-2011), provides a 2.0″ rear drop and a 1.8″ front drop. Now compared to stock the car sits a lot lower and looks more agressive. However do not be scared if you do not want to go that low, because they also have the Eibach 4081.140 Pro-Kit Performance Spring Kit which is a 1.2″ front and a 1.4″ rear.

Extreme Performance Meets Extreme Style
Race-Car Like Handling
Lower Center of Gravity
Stop Quicker, Corner Faster and get Better MPG!*
Million-Mile Warranty

Like I said it is a much more agressive look to the fit. I think the car should have came slightly lower from Honda. With stock springs:

Now it may not be very clear but I could fit about 3 fingers in the gap, now I can barely fit 1. The ride is a lot stiffer and better at cornering. I did notice however having a hard time on my steep driveway no matter how much I try to angle it, or even drive it out in reverse the car will not go out without scraping. Will have to figure something out for that. But back to the springs. They are amazing. I can’t believe how much better the car feels and looks with them on. Now if you love DIYs well you can really do this project on your own if you have the tools and a few hours (3-5 ranging on your abilities). I managed to do everything within 4hours with a lot of speed bumps along the way, but without those I could have finished in 3 or less. Now if you are going to do this yourself make sure when you are working on the fronts to have someone help or tie up your axle because it will come out. If it does (cus it happened to me) it will take a lot of trial and error trying to get it in. It can take anywhere from 3min to 3 hours trying to get it fixed, so as a fair warning, if you aren’t so handy you should probably get some help from someone who is or bring it in to a shop($400-500 in labor).

But if you have a fit and have been debating whether or not to lower your car well heres your chance. Amazon has them online right now for $180 and if you have amazon prime well then you get free 2day shipping. Same goes for the Pro Kit as well.

I will let the springs settle a little before I do anything else and will let you know how much lower and different it feels. Good Luck!

4 thoughts on “Eibach Sportlines on a GE8 Honda Fit

  1. One i think i don’t like about Honda is that it tries to give similar looks to its own different models. Now this Fit looks like Jazz,

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