Modifying the $24 Shoulder Support

$24 Cheap shoulder support (now $30)

Many of you might be following my friend Emm over at CheesyCam, and if you are not you should be, and well Emm is always talking about the $24 Cheap shoulder support (now $30) found on Amazon. Now if you haven’t heard much about this shoulder support then I don’t know where you have been. because this thing has been all over the place. CheesyCam, IndyMogul, Express35, everywhere! For $30 what can go wrong?! So after testing it out I decided to purchase one myself. I ditched all the other extra hardware it came with and decided to design something of my own. Now I have been thinking of many designs even before I got the shoulder support in December. But I never really built it till today. Now I don’t have too many pictures on me but I will just give you a basic idea of what I did. I will be writing something up later on with more detail once I finish the set up as a whole. It just needs a few more things to tweak and finish up.

Now I will leave you with that. Give it some thought. Tell me what you think. Now it looks a little bulky but because it is aluminum square rod it is very light while also being very sturdy. And I only spent about $30 for this part of my rig. So $60 for something that looks like this might be something worth trying.

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