Revisiting the Video Track/Dolly

So I am putting the shoulder support on hold for now as I wait for a few more things for it. But in the meantime I am revisiting my Video track/dolly. Now that I have put it into some use I feel it is not right for me. And after studying all the sliders out in the industry today, designing a few of my own, and looking at other peoples designs. I finally came up with something I think that’ll work. This for sure will be a pretty big DIY so if you are not too handy, then I wouldn’t recommend this. The entire slider/track I would have to say cost me about $65. Which I think is not too bad for something that is fairly light and very customizable. Now I have spent a few days actually putting this together and making a little bit of changes here and there.

Some tools you might need:
Drill Bits
Saw/Chop saw
Rivet Gun
Allen Wrenches
Wrench Set

So I took a lot of pictures to try and help, but if you are trying to do this and have any questions feel free to ask. However it should be pretty straight forward. Now I chose to make it 36″ long but I can pretty much make it whatever length I want, and carry it easily to any location.

Final Product:

Items used for this DIY:
Skateboard wheels
Angled Aluminum
Square Aluminum
Copper Pipes
Copper Fittings
Numerous Bolts and Nuts
Set of adjustable feet

Please only use my design as a tool to create something that will work with your needs.

Since I am just modifying my original track and dolly, I started by cutting the Angled aluminum down to a size that was suitable for my slider.

From there I then drilled holes for the wheels centered in the channel.

Make sure to put a space after the nut in the above picture and before the locking nut at the end, and then should look like this.

Do it to both ends of the angled strut and you should have this.

Next step is to drill out holes for the rivets to hold the angled strut and square tube together.

I recommend two rivets per side.

Once completed you should have this.

Next you will have to add the platform to the top of your base. I temporarily used some wood but I will soon be replacing it with some very strong ABS plastic. Holes were trilled to 1/4″ and center hole to 3/16″. After drilling the holes out I tapped the Square aluminum tube to 1/4″ – 20.

In the picture the nut is on the top of the base but I later remove it and place it on the bottom.

Next with the copper ends you want to drill and mount them to the angled strut to the right length you chose.

Also fine tuning the ends later on so that your slider, slides smoothly.
And then put it together and you are all done. Like I said you can use any length you want for this slider. Anywhere from 18″ to 48″ maybe even longer. If you have any questions feel free to post a comment and for more pictures check out my flickr photoset! Thanks!

I will try to get some test footage up by the end of the day. Also keep posted for an updated version within the next couple weeks with a third wheel on the bottom of the rail to be able to flip the camera upside down or have the rig stand vertically, etc., This wheel will be removable and held by a 1/4-20 attached to the side of the t slider itself.

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