My Lab

I’m back, and I recently decided to bring back my gear from my parents house to start DJ’ing more, and once I get my Traktor S4 in I’ll be all set. So with that I wanted to set up my laboratory and I knew I needed more desk space for it. So I planned a trip to Ikea to pick up another desk to match the one I currently had. And as I was waiting for my girlfriend to get ready I saw this cool article that had some great ideas that were in the same direction as mine.

I wanted to create a second level for my laptop and my tools cleaning up some space around the desk. But instead of using the cool angled mounts from Ikea I originally wanted to use some regular pieces of 2″x4″ and plywood. Thankfully I saw this article because it does look a lot better and sort of how I had imagined it. I’ll get some more shots once I get everything completely set up and ready to go.

via DJTechTools

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