Height really does matter..

So referring back to my DJ Table that I originally put together. I didn’t have it at the height normal set ups would be. And trust me it really does make a difference. Since I had the desks before I put the whole thing together I didn’t want to waste it and but a whole new set of expedites and what not for the project. So I told myself I was just going to adjust it later on. Well as my back started to hurt more I decided to finally adjust the height. So what I did was I framed out a mini stage for my desk/sey-up to rest on. With some 2×4’s and some plywood it raised my set up 4″, the right height for me. Now I could have spent the extra time to paint it and make it all nice but I got lazy. This set up also works well for storage, so that it keeps all my stuff off the floor and away from my two dogs.

Now if you happen to have a regular folding “banquet” table I may have a tip that I’ve seen used at all the weddings I’ve done. All the caterers do it and it works. I’d recommend some strengthening but if you’re using a controller you won’t have to worry too much about shaking.

Image Credits: Pink Chalk Studio

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