Welcome to the family


On this day we picked up COCO. We were originally in the market for a new or used Toyota Tundra. After some deliberation we decided that the smaller truck was going to be better for a few reasons…

  1. Gas consumption would be better considering a v6 compared to the Tundras v8
  2. Not as big so it wouldn’t be hard to park or drive specifically for my wife
  3. Shorter wheel base for better off-road capability.
  4. Still a great truck for the price and size.

Huge shout out to CityToyota here in Daly City. They did a really great job of working with me and got me out the door in no time. White was on my top 3 choices for color.

  1. Quicksand
  2. Cement
  3. Super White

Obviously went with the last option, but loved my decision since then.

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